BusinessFilter is a service for buying and selling businesses. But it really is more than that.

Years ago I started a new job at a large company. I was there for a few weeks when the tech bubble burst and shortly after there were rumors of layoffs. One day, a manager came around and gathered a group of us that were recently hired into a conference room... we thought this was it, we are getting let go. Instead we are told that our jobs were secure and that there was nothing to worry about. We were "safe", but within days senior co-workers that we had only worked a few weeks with were being laid off. Morale was low and work was awkward for everyone in the following months.

That is my personal experience, and if you follow current events, companies are still out-sourcing work and reducing headcount (layoffs). This is the state of our economy, jobs are being lost. There is no such thing as job security.

Once I realized this, I started looking at other opportunities which included starting my own business, researching franchises, buying a existing business, etc. It was really difficult searching for and researching business opportunities with all the "noise" out there. You've seen them, "Make $10K a Day! I'll show you how!" and numerous other scams and pyramid schemes. I couldn't find a service that met my needs, so I decided to create my own that would filter through all that clutter and BusinessFilter was born.

A simple yet robust service to find business opportunities and connect with others. Hopefully it will be useful in helping you find a business opportunity as well. It's about looking for more than just a job.

Feel free to contact us with your requests, suggestions, feedback, or anything else. You can also keep up to date on our developments through our blog.
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